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Planned Activities

The Deaf Winterfest (DWF) aims a diverse range of winter outdoor adventures suitable for all ages, along with educational courses and a variety of activities. This festival is designed to captivate a wide audience, ensuring that there’s something enjoyable for everyone. Furthermore, we are committed to making every activity accessible and inclusive experience for all attendees.

Ski Resort

Skiing / Snowboarding

Experience the thrill of gliding down slopes with skiing and snowboarding activities at a scenic resort.

Winter Hike

Snow Shoeing

Traverse snowy landscapes and enjoy the serene beauty of winter with guided snowshoeing excursions.

Image by Zab Consulting

Snow Mobiling

Experience the thrill of a snowmobiling journey, provided by a third-party, as you speed through the winter wilderness, embracing both adventure and the beauty of nature.

Image by J G D

X-Country Skiing

Engage in cross-country skiing, a peaceful yet active way to journey across snow-covered terrains.

Friends Snow Tubing


Relive the joy of childhood or create new memories with fun-filled sledding down gentle snowy hills. Perfect for all ages.

Climbing to the Top

Backcountry 101 Workshop

Gain essential skills and knowledge for safe and enjoyable backcountry exploration in this introductory lesson. This lesson will be taught by Deaf signer.


AIARE Avalanche Course

Participate in an AIARE avalanche course to learn crucial safety techniques and avalanche risk management for winter backcountry activities.

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